Cala Robot Auto Trading Creates Another Platform Called Robot wallet

Cala Robot Auto Trading Creates Another Platform Called Robot wallet

Cala robot auto trading which is a phising platform run my con artist from Nigeria majorly has created another platform to run away with investors funds as they did with Cala.

The name of the newly lunched platform is called robot wallet with url

It is adviseable for users to be very careful about robot wallet or anything that has to do with online trading.




This guys are the ones that stopped withdrawal it wasn’t Nigeria government regulations. The are now looking for a way to withdraw our money from the app quickly that’s why they are so desperate in getting our details even giving deadlines. I’ll advice everyone here to stop sending details and if you have already done so go and delete it. Go back and activate your suspended robot that way it will be difficult for them to gain access to your funds. Efcc is on the matter as the CEO and other parties involved in Nigeria are on the run. Hopefully by God’s grace the withdrawal will be enabled so we can get our money back



My sadness is! I’ve been warned by my wife not to bagged in with this Cala of a thing! I don’t know what came over me! I deposited USDT220 On 29th of October and get to realize it’s has crashed the following day been the 30th! I can’t forgive my self for this rastic decision took by me! My mind at the back keeps telling me , why would they announce to stop their AI Robots so we can be compensated through BNB smart chain? The story is not clear! Are they trying to pull out our funds! Is Cala also finding it difficult to withdraw our funds? Pls can someone share more light? Is Nigeria government as hand in the downfall of Cala truely?


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