The intriguing Igbo history of the nineteenth century in Igbo land (A MUST READ)

By the late 19th century, Christian missionaries in the Onitsha-Idemili axis were making major headway in their efforts to convert members of the Igbo people to their faith.

When King Idigo Ogbuanyinya of Aguleri, which is a town in what is now the state of Anambra, heard about the missionaries’ activities in the year 1890, he sent a special invitation to the foreign guests, inviting them to begin their evangelical activities in his community and inviting them to begin spreading the gospel there.

Idigo, King of the Idigo People, was so eager to learn the ways of the white men that he decided to convert to the new faith and granted them a huge tract of land on which to establish a mission building.

On the day of his baptism, after hearing the terms of his “rebirth” into Christianity (which included giving up many of his cherished traditional titles, donating a portion of his wealth, and divorcing all of his numerous wives except for one), he stubbornly clung to his Igbo beliefs and refused to convert.


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