To get rich, a native doctor makes theses Nigerian guys to go na’ked and through terrible pain.

A video shared online shows 3 young men undergoing excruciating pain while visiting a shrine for wealth.

The video shows three naked men, each of whom has blood streaming down their face and body while a native doctor performs the rituals on them.

It can be seen that one of the men, who has his hair styled in locs, is visibly shaking.

The individuals were armed with a calabash in each hand, and the contents of the calabashes were lit on fire.

The men were warned not to let the hot calabash fall to the ground, even though their bare hands became extremely hot while holding the calabash.

The man with the dreadlocks can be heard wailing in agony as a result of the calabash’s high temperature.

It is unclear exactly where it took place; however, the males can be heard speaking pidgin English with a heavy Nigerian accent on the video.

Look at the video below here.


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